Monday, July 26, 2010

A Brief Recess

Life continues to be crazy for the Geier Family. We are on month 8 of trying to sell our house. I completed the class required for my licensure to transfer from GA to AR. I have apparently lost a lot of brain cells since grad school...this class kicked my butt! I squeaked out with my B and am not looking back! I'm still loving my time at home with Logan and looking forward to more fun adventures with him this summer. Trey loves his job and seems to be doing well. He is Mr. Social but finds time for us too. We are hoping and praying that the house sells soon so we can stop travelling back and forth. I'm past ready to settle and put down roots. I want to invite people over for dinner, host playdates, decorate my house, and make messy craft projects! Hopefully sooner than later.

I'm further behind on my blogging than ever before. It is tough to find time, energy, and a free computer. Thanks for your patience!

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